By: Arry Syakir Gifari

students use mobile phones in learning

Technological developments have created breakthroughs in the development of learning. In the midst of these developments learners intersect with the devices of mobile communications technology and Internet technology has become the wave of new trends that allow mobile learning or better known as m-learning take advantage of mobile devices, particularly mobile phones.
For those of the schools respond precisely to this development of technologies with a small maneuver; suspecting the use of mobile phones. One of the attitudes of suspecting could be a ban on carrying mobile phones to school. But as the needs that can be tolerated, there are some schools that allow students to bring mobile phones to school by entrusted it to the school in a particular cupboard. It is based on the fact that most students have mobile phones in Indonesia. But unfortunately there are many mobile phone users who do not use it as a medium of learning.
Actually if we are brightly looking at technological advances, we can adapt to any form of development. In an all-digital and instant era, the existence of mobile phones on the students can we handled as a form of learning by fun and interested activities. At the time of the all-digital at the moment Indonesian students prefer to bring their gadgets to the school as a tool for communication to parents, peers, and teachers.
The rate of progression personal mobile devices is very high, the level of use is relatively easy, and the prices of devices are more affordable. There is a driving factor that has further expanded the use or application opportunities of mobile learning as a new trend in learning, which form the learning paradigm can be done anywhere and anytime. In this case, English is one adaptation tools in all-digital world can be controlled by the digital itself. Students who bring their hand-phone to school can be navigated into a fun learning tool. This way is the way for teachers to handle the technological advances deal with learning today.
The use of mobile phone currently evolves so rapidly, a pedicab (becak) driver or a roadside hawker were already having this tool. For the standard application of their mobile phones have a minimum of recorder, photo and video. In addition, there are many applications that can be used and downloaded as an e-dictionary, m-learning materials, etc.
The Video
Teachers can use this application by recording their activities video in demonstrating something. For example, in the SK and KD (competency standard and Basic competency) is known that students have to mastering the procedure text by recording a video to them while demonstrating cooking activities, hand-crafts and etc.
The Voice-Recorder
Voice-Recorder can be used to train students’ self-confidence in speaking. Teachers can guide them to talk about a topic, a dialogue in pairs, or read a particular dialogue.
The Photo
These applications are widely available in mobile phone today. Each student will probably set the background of their mobile phone with the pictures they like. Teachers can direct students to tell why they liked the photo in pair or group. Then if the picture is a photo taken by the students themselves, students will be eager to tell about when did he/she capture the photos? Why did he/she capture object of the picture? Or tell the story about the photos?
Based on the author’s experience using these activities, students were interested and excited. The writer has a great expectation to share more about the m-learning activities to all teachers in Indonesia, especially for English Teacher.

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